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Vinny Gigliotti, CEO of Environmental Solutions
Radon Regulations: Living In a High Radon State
Environmental Solutions, Inc.
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Radon Regulations: Living In a High Radon State

Radon Regulations: Living In a High Radon State

Radon, which is found in soil, water, and rocks, is a radioactive gas that can seep into your home through tiny cracks and gaps in your foundation.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, after smoking. It is estimated that radon causes about 21,000 lung cancer deaths each year in the United States. Your risk of developing lung cancer from radon exposure is up to 10 times higher if you are a smoker. 

Many other factors can affect the risk of radon related illness, such as:

  • Age
  • Concentration of radon exposure
  • Duration of radon exposure

Radon testing is the best way to find out if your home has high levels of radon. The EPA recommends testing your home for radon at least once every two years, or if you have done any major renovations or changes to your home’s structure.

 In Maryland, it is especially important to test for radon as the state has been identified as having some of the highest radon levels in the country.

Due to this, Montgomery County, which is known to be a high radon area, is expanding on their current radon regulations to help ensure the safety of their residents. The County Council for Montgomery County, Maryland, Montgomery County Code; Chapter 29, Landlord-Tenant Relations; Section 29-30 is being amended and Section 29- 35E is being added and will be effective as of July 1st, 2023.

Per Section 33C, a landlord of a single-family home or multifamily dwelling building must conduct a radon test before leasing a unit to a prospective tenant. Test results must be within three years before the date of the lease.

Companies such as Environmental Solutions, Inc. is able to provide the required radon sampling as needed to help ensure you remain compliant with county regulations, and to help keep you and your family safe from unhealthy levels of radon. Don’t wait, take action and get your home tested for radon today.

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