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Arline Williams, Owner, ShelfGenie of Maryland
Making Your House Healthy
ShelfGenie of Maryland

Making Your House Healthy

Everyone wants to be proactive about their health and the health of their loved ones. There is so much new and improved technology, there are more ways than ever to improve your health or compensate for the things you can’t do as easily as you once did. There are advances that just make sense to take advantage of at any age because they not only help you stay healthy, they can significantly contribute to your quality of life.

One of those is a system designed to make your kitchen and bathroom cabinets safer and easier to use. That’s right, when you think about it, how hard is it to get to that top shelf? Do you have to climb up on the counter or get a step stool? Is it safe or convenient?

How difficult is it to find what you’re looking for in the back of a cabinet in your kitchen or bath? I’m sure you’ve seen people actually have to get on the floor to see what’s in the back of the bottom cabinets.

For some people who have lost their mobility, just getting stuff down or finding what you’re looking for can be a difficult as well as a dangerous situation. Even for a healthy person, trying to manage what’s in the cabinets can be a real pain.

Now, think about it from a standpoint of making it easier. It’s so simple and easy to have cabinets with pull out shelves where you can find what you’re looking for. Or, a top shelf that actually pulls down so you can get what you want without the stress of climbing up or getting up on a stool.

These are things that can make a dramatic difference in anyone’s health, safety and quality of life, except it’s just something most people don’t think about until they really can’t do it anymore. Most people don’t realize that at any age, whether you are completely healthy or not, you can make a big difference by changing that part of your life so it is more convenient and less hazardous.

Adding pull out and pull down shelving allows you to live independently in your home for a much longer period of time. For someone who loves to cook but has difficulty as they age getting the pots, pans and appliances they need from their cabinets, pull out tray bins and appliance lifts in allow them to continue a favorite pastime.

To maximize the benefit of pullouts seek the following features and services

Full extension allowing complete access when the pullout is fully extended. This is very useful with pantries.

Able to hold 100 lbs of weight when fully extended.

Full Warranty on parts and materials

Pullout design options and add-ons for slopes and dividers

Custom design and professional installation

Even for the nimble, pull out shelving lessens everyday frustration. They help maximize the use of under-the-counter storage space and create greater access along with efficiency thereby reducing daily stress.

One company that has created these kinds of solutions is a local franchise called Shelf Genie of Maryland, offering many options for many people at all stages of life, young and old.

Being proactive about your health takes work and attention to potential problems before they happen. Look at your kitchen cabinets, top and bottom, and your bathroom, and think if you don’t owe it to yourself and your health, to make them easier to manage.

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