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Luanne Barnas, owner
Preventing Heart Disease
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Preventing Heart Disease

So February has arrived and that makes me think of Cupid, Love, the color red and also Heart Health. With heart disease being the #1 killer in the United States and the leading cause of death worldwide, I'd like to provide some tips on heart disease prevention.
This will get you thinking about how important it is to live a healthy active lifestyle. There are 12 million people who suffer from coronary heart disease. Heart attack happens to 7 million people and the other 4.4 million experiences a stroke. Meanwhile, 35% of people who have high blood pressure do not realize about it. Surprisingly, every 29 seconds, a person suffers from a kind of coronary occurrence – 50 percent of heart attack victims wait for two hours before requesting help. There are close to 50 million people that suffer from high blood pressure. The result, 1/4 million people die annually before they reach the hospital due to heart attack.
Research shows there is a relationship between heart disease and diabetes. If you have diabetes, your chance to suffer from heart attack is greatly increased around two to four times of people without diabetes. This should give us enough warning to change something, like lowering your sugar level by stop consuming junk food and fast food. Eating nutritious food and taking dietary supplements. Controlling your weight is also effective for this purpose.
Controlling you blood pressure and cholesterol levels will aid in heart disease prevention. And again, the best way to do these is by changing your dietary habits & regular exercise.
Regular check-ups are necessary for heart disease prevention. Identify any potential heart disease before it becomes a serious issue. You also may want to review your family lineage to check for any heart disease history. Heart disease is also hereditary and a simple research in your family tree may help helpful.
The ideal heart disease prevention is not depending on only one activity. You want to combine some recommendations as mentioned above. Also, it may depend on your gender, race, family history, and age. In fact, those are the inevitable factors that can cause heart disease as well.
It is very necessary to understand the facts about heart disease. With proper knowledge, even if you will know the best ways to protect yourselves. A Healthy, balanced lifestyle is the best thing that you can do to prevent heart disease.

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