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Sreek Cherukuri, MD
How a Chicago Doctor Shook Up the Hearing Aid Industry with His Newest Invention
Board Certified Ear, Nose, & Throat Physician

How a Chicago Doctor Shook Up the Hearing Aid Industry with His Newest Invention

New technology works better and costs 90% less

CHICAGO: A local board-certified Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) physician, Dr. S. Cherukuri, has just shaken up the hearing aid industry with the invention of a FDA-registered, medical-grade, affordable personal assisted listening (PAL) device. This revolutionary device called ClearCast PAL is designed to help millions of people with  hearing loss who have tried and struggled with hearing aids, or cannot afford traditional hearing aids.    

Dr. Cherukuri knew that untreated hearing loss could lead to depression, social isolation, anxiety, and a higher risk of dementia. He also knew from 20 years of experience that a hearing aid is not the right choice for everyone.

It turns out that most people need help hearing situationally, not all day and evening. Conversations with family members and listening to a television program account for the vast majority of the situations in which they would benefit from hearing assistance

Even the most expensive hearing aids have some very significant limitations and are not the right solution for these situations.

Exceptional Performance from ClearCast PAL

The secret to understanding conversations is the signal-to-noise ratio, which is the difference in loudness between speech you want to hear and the distracting background sounds. 

Most hearing aids make all sounds louder but do not necessarily improve the signal-to-noise ratio.

ClearCast has 2 microphones which solves these problems.  The built-in microphone acts like a high quality hearing aid to help you hear nearby conversations.  The revolutionary wireless MagicMic™ cam be placed next to the television or at the center of a dinner table and it amplifies the exact conversation you want to be a part of   and routes it directly into your ear without all the background noise or other distracting sounds.

Tested By Leading Doctors And Audiologists

The ClearCast® has been rigorously tested by leading ENT physicians and audiologists who have unanimously agreed that due to its unique design, the sound quality and clarity exceeds most expensive hearing aids.

  Designed by a Board-Certified ENT Doctor and an Audiologist

  FDA-Registered

  Save thousands of dollars compared to traditional hearing aids

  Rechargeable Batteries

  Free Shipping

  Risk-FREE Trial and 100% Money Back Guarantee!

For the Lowest Price visit:

Doctors and patients agree: 

“I have been wearing hearing aids for over 25 years… I have generally not been that satisfied.  The ClearCast far exceeds that of my $3,000 custom pair of Phonak digital hearing aids.  What an unbelievable difference the ClearCast has made in my ability to understand conversation and television” —Adam Robins (72)

“I put the ClearCast on every patient that has hearing loss so i can easily talk to them about hearing aids.  Almost all of them ask If they can buy the ClearCast since the sound quality is so good.”—Dr. Geissler, Audiologist

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