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Maryland Relay/ Telecommunications Access of MD
Difficulty Hearing Over The Phone?
Maryland Relay/ Telecommunications Access of MD
. http://doit.maryland.gov/mdrelay/Pages/default.aspx

Difficulty Hearing Over The Phone?

Difficulty Hearing Over The Phone?

For people who have difficulty hearing, the simple act of using a telephone is often a challenging and frustrating experience. Whether it’s conducting business, speaking to doctors, making appointments or just keeping in touch with family and friends, an inability to communicate via telephone affects almost every aspect of a person’s day-to-day life. That’s why Maryland Relay offers Captioned Telephone, an innovative service that allows users to listen while reading what’s said over the phone.

What Is Captioned Telephone?

Captioned Telephone is a free service designed exclusively for individuals who have difficulty hearing on the phone. Utilizing the latest in voice recognition technology, a Captioned Telephone Operator delivers real-time captions of what is being said, allowing the user to listen to and read their telephone conversations simultaneously for better understanding.

Who Should Use Captioned Telephone?

Captioned Telephone is ideal for seniors and other late-deafened adults, people who are Deaf and can speak clearly, Voice-Carry-Over (VCO) and amplified phone users and people with hearing aids or cochlear implants.

What Equipment Is Required To Use Captioned Telephone?

The only equipment required to use Captioned Telephone service is the Captioned Telephone itself, an analog or DSL phone line and a standard electrical outlet. Certain models of Captioned Telephones also utilize high-speed internet access.

How Do I Obtain A Captioned Telephone?

The State of Maryland provides Captioned Telephones to qualified individuals through the Maryland Accessible Telecommunications (MAT) program. To qualify, applicants must be a Maryland resident receiving one or more state or federal benefits or show that they have a limited income. Applicants must also have a hearing, speech, vision, mobility or cognitive difficulty that makes it challenging to use a telephone. To request an application, please contact Maryland Relay at 1-800-552-7724 (Voice/TTY) or visit mdrelay.org.

Captioned Telephones may also be purchased in Maryland for $75. To order, please call 800-233-9130 (Voice/TTY) or visit http://www.weitbrecht.com/captel-maryland.html.

How Do I Get More Information?

For more information about Captioned Telephone please visit mdrelay.org or call Maryland Relay Customer Service at 1-800-552-7724 (Voice/TTY), or 443-453-5970 VP.

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