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Beth Connors, AuD, CCC-A
Are Your Ears In Focus?
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Are Your Ears In Focus?

Do your family members accuse you of not hearing? Could it be that you hear them, but not clearly and you ask them to repeat? Maybe your ears are “out of focus” like your vision. You can see, but not clearly? It is the same thing with your hearing. You can hear, but not clearly. This is the number one complaint by family members.

When you have your hearing tested, the audiologist or hearing aid specialist will be able to find the cause and hearing aid solution to give you back the ease of conversation. You really should listen to one for yourself, to be sure.

Here are the statistics on the prevalence of hearing loss as reported by the Better Hearing Institute

1 out of 10 Americans have a hearing loss that's more than 31,000,000 people.
15% of baby-boomers (ages 45-64) have hearing loss.
29% of people over age 65 have hearing loss.
The majority (65%) of people with hearing loss are below retirement age.
The majority (60%) of people with hearing loss are males.

Hearing aid solutions as presented by the Better Hearing Institute

The vast majority of Americans (95%) with hearing loss have their hearing loss treated with hearing aids.
Only 5% of hearing loss in adults can be improved through medical or surgical treatment.
75% of people with hearing loss in both ears use two (binaural) hearing aids.
Successful treatment of hearing loss with hearing aids is associated with greater earning power.
Hard-of-hearing people are less likely to be discriminated against if they use hearing aids.
Most people who use hearing aids have improved social lives.
The use of hearing aids is associated with improved perceptions of the hard-of-hearing's mental ability.
People who use hearing aids report better health than hard-of-hearing people who do not use hearing aids.
nine out of 10 hearing aid users report improvements in their quality of life.
Consumers report a 92% satisfaction with hearing healthcare professionals.
One of the best ways to get a loved one to seek help for their hearing loss is to stop being their hearing helper.
Only 13% of physicians screen for hearing loss. Ask a hearing aid provider for a hearing screening.
The majority of people with nerve deafness are helped with hearing aids.

P.S. Get your hearing tested so you can “see” for yourself how easy hearing aids can now be.
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