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Lorita Nnaka, NP
Strengthen Your Immune System This Winter
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Strengthen Your Immune System This Winter

Strengthen Your Immune System This Winter

Infusion therapy is best known as being a safe, fast and effective way to deliver electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and hydration into the bloodstream for a 100% absorption and bioavailability. These drips are designed to help restore balance in your body by achieving increased energy, improved stamina, enhanced mood, improved cognitive function, slowing down of the aging process, decreased stress and anxiety, improved muscle recovery, improved skin appearance, strengthened immune system and overall wellness – just to say the least.

When seasons change people suffer from upper respiratory problems such as the cold, flu, COVID or seasonal allergies. Strengthening one’s immune system is the best approach to go from one season to the next without missing work.

One miracle drug know as the tri-immune boost drip is fortified with zinc, vitamin C and glutathione – which is great for boosting immunity.

Vitamin C: Vitamins C is essential for promotion of mitochondrial health, which is very crucial for cell metabolism and other cell functions. Vitamin C supports immune cell production and proliferation. It is a natural antioxidant that reduces your body’s production of a reactive oxygen species that causes inflammation.

Zinc: Zinc may be known as one of the best supplements to boost your immune system, as it helps your body moderate the production of inflammatory cytokines, and plays a vital part in your body’s immune response to pathogen. It is well know that zinc has been shown to specially address respiratory tract infections, decreasing their duration for about two days. There are other benefits of zinc such accelerating healing, and improving cognitive function.

Glutathione: Known as the most potent antioxidant. It is also known as the mother of all antioxidants. It provides protection like no other. Glutathione aids in mitochondria health. It does so by preventing damage causes from free radicals and other toxins. It is also a great detoxifying agent. Glutathione also helps the body prevent inflammation.

There are other vitamins that can be combined in a customized drip to get you the desired effect you want.

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