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Dr. Manuel Flores

How College Students Can Protect Themselves and Their Families from Seasonal Illnesses this Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us. For students, that means leaving campus and returning home to visit their families.  The COVID-19 pandemic showed us that… Continue Reading

Jennifer Devening, CEO of YourHealth

Who speaks for you in a health crisis when you can’t? An Emergency Care Card Can.

What would happen if you or your loved ones had a health emergency, and you couldn’t explain critical medical conditions or medications being taken?  When… Continue Reading

How time-based medical billing impacts physician reimbursements and revenue

Medical Billing on a time-based system is associated with a stronger physician reimbursement for evaluation and management visits which go on for a longer time…. Continue Reading

Caring For a Child Who Has Asthma

Asthma is a disease of your child’s lungs and the tubes that bring air to the lungs. With asthma, your child’s airways are constantly irritated… Continue Reading

Thirteen Traits of An Outstanding Nurse

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system. They work with doctors and other medical professionals to provide quality patient care and ensure quick recovery… Continue Reading

Tips For Running A Medical Lab

A medical lab provides customers with diagnostic testing services to determine the origin of sickness and the physical changes brought on by disease symptoms. The… Continue Reading

Denise Stegall, CEO and Curator

The Pillars of Success that lay the Foundation for Health and Happiness

What is a healthy lifestyle? You want to live a healthy lifestyle but must figure out precisely what that means. You’ve done plenty of research… Continue Reading

Five Reasons why you need to Take Care of your Health during your Prime Years

As our bodies change through time, we must modify and upgrade our healthcare regime. For example, you must maintain an active lifestyle during your youth… Continue Reading

Debunking 4 Common Myths about Healthcare Franchising

In the world of franchising, healthcare is one of the most popular industries to crack. With the fragmented healthcare system in place, it has become… Continue Reading

Christina Applegate Struggles with Cancer and Now MS: What is MS?

The Emmy Award winning actress became a household name from the hit series Married… With Children. The lovely, sexy and saucy Kelly became a part… Continue Reading

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