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Sherri Hudson, CT
Detox From Lyme Disease
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Detox From Lyme Disease

All individuals with Lyme disease should detox. Peter Medawar, Nobel prizewinner in medicine, referred to viruses as “pieces of bad news wrapped in protein (biofilm).”
Lyme bacteria can create a shield called a biofilm to protect themselves. The biofilm acts like a safehouse, blocking both your immune system and many medications from finding and killing the bacteria.
When you go off the medications, the bacteria can re-emerge and aggravate your symptoms all over again.
Not only do Lyme bacteria create biofilms, so do other bugs in your system. According to Microbial Biofilms by Ghannoum and O’Toole, different bacteria like staph and strep also create biofilm shields. Many different bacteria can hide within these biofilms — including Lyme.
When different bacteria congregate under a biofilm, they share information with each other. Underneath a biofilm shield, different species of bacteria can swap genetic information.
In Microbial Biofilms, they cite studies which estimate that the Lyme bacteria have received one out of thousand genes from other species. Gene exchange happens quite frequently among different bacteria in a biofilm. This exchange may lead to a dangerous mutated form of the Lyme bacteria.
Unfortunately, Lyme bacteria may obtain drug resistant genes from other bacteria. If Lyme bacteria were to obtain resistance to antibiotics, this could create a drug-resistant monster.
Given that Lyme bacteria reproduce in only a few weeks, it would only take a few generations for this strain of Lyme bacteria to populate your system. Drug-resistant Lyme bacteria may be an explanation for why it can survive despite years of multiple antibiotics.
Repressing or suppressing viral conditions (by drugs or medication) may lead to severe, chronic and/or degenerative symptoms.
Toxins in our body weaken our immune system and damage the nervous system, which is leading to illness, chronic disease and premature aging and oxidative stress to the body.
Toxins are stored in our liver, body fat, lymphatic system, joints, muscles, gut, brain and other parts of the body. You must take control and release the body burden.
How To Detoxify
There are many ways to detoxify. Some are more effective than others, but there is a new, gentle, non-invasive, whole-body approach that uses cold lasers programmed with frequencies.
They are used on the lymphatic’s and cleansing organs while the feet or hands are in an ionic foot bath for 25-30 minutes. You should feel comfortable and relaxed as you are releasing toxins and putting balance back into your organs.
You should also learn about proper nutrition, drink ionized water, take plant enzymes and find a sound nutritional approach to guard your thyroid. Also it is recognized that using de-stressor and relaxation techniques guard you from the #1 killer of all mankind.

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