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Maribel Vann, DDS
Treating Bite Problems Using the Advanced Lightwire Funtional (ALF) Appliance
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Treating Bite Problems Using the Advanced Lightwire Funtional (ALF) Appliance

The Advanced Lightwire Functional (ALF) appliance can play a significant role in the proper development of the upper and lower jawbones in children as well as treat breathing problems and chronic pain in adults.
Structural distortions of the skull can often occur in children from birthing trauma (particularly where multiple births are involved), genetic conditions, premature loss of teeth, auto accidents, contact sports or any trauma to the head and buttocks.
Trauma is one of the most important contributing factors in the above symptoms. Early recognition of these problems is critical for effective treatment and long-term stability of the harmony and balance of the whole body.
It is also important to recognize and understand the role of breathing through the nose, and the tongues position in developing normal swallowing patterns in infants and small children. This is important in the development of the roof of the mouth to promote proper breathing, which enhances growth of normal jawbones, and helps develop a proper bite at an early age.
If the swallow pattern in children is not developed properly they develop a tongue-thrust as a result from mouth breathing. This means the tongue pushes against the upper front teeth during swallowing developing an open bite (the upper and lower front teeth do not touch). This happens because the child cannot breath through the nose. The primary cause of mouth breathing in children is enlarged tonsils and adenoids.
Given the flexibility of developing muscles and bone structures in children, it becomes much easier to correct improperly aligned jawbones, which may be the cause of bite problems in children. Treating the cause of bite problems in children when diagnosed early requires less treatment time, fewer visits to the dental office, quicker results and very well could prevent chronic pain from developing later on in life.
Treatment at a young age is in the patients best interest as it allows the body time to grow and develop in the corrected form. In order to properly treat and correct malocclusion (improper bite), an understanding of the under pinning structure of the human body is required. Without that understanding, orthodontics, TMJ problems and chronic pain can leave the patient with varying degrees of compromised treatment. By understanding the relationship of the sophisticated joint system (upper and lower jaw and the bite) to the rest of the body, we can then understand and appreciate their related functions and why they are so important to having a “pain free” body. After all, we are dealing with a “total person.” By understanding the functional design of the total person, the dental treatment of both children and adults will be successful.

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