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Maribel Vann, DDS
Throw Away the Mouth Guard
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Throw Away the Mouth Guard

Relief From Teeth Grinding, TMJ Disorders, Jaw Pain, Neck and Back Pain

When the foundation of the house is crooked, so is every doorway, floor or other component that is attached to the faulty base. The upper and lower jaws are no different. The diagrams below shows how a misaligned bite can affect the rest of the skeletal system.

Case study A female patient came to me for a consultation due to her TMJ problem. She had been wearing a mouth guard during sleep for several years, but had not been getting much relief. Her health history included:

  • Popping and clicking of the right and left TMJ
    Difficulty in opening her jaws
    Hip pain
    Neck pain
    Grinding and clenching of her teeth

She was diagnosed with having herniated discs on three vertebrae, and had surgical intervention six years earlier with three metal posts placed on three vertebrae. In spite of the surgical procedure, she was still experiencing pain in her neck and tingling sensations in her hands. She also had three cracked teeth that eventually needed root canals and crowns as a result of grinding and clenching her teeth. Even though she was wearing a mouth guard every night, several teeth still cracked.

The photograph on the left shows a bite that is not leveled. The photograph on the right shows the same jaw after treatment was completed with the Advanced Lightwire Functional (ALF) appliance. As you can see, the bite, after treatment, is level.

To date the patient has been free of the above symptoms mentioned in this article and does not have to wear a mouth guard anymore.

Disclaimer The material presented in this article is intended to enlighten those individuals who may be seeking alternative means of treatment. No claim is made that such products, techniques, or devices will cure or improve any health condition. Any alternative therapies mentioned in this article should be viewed as adjuncts to conventional medical and dental practice and not a replacement. Patients treated with the ALF Appliances are also encouraged to see an osteopathic physician with cranial skills or other health care professionals.

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