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Tontra Lowe, DDS
Look Like You Feel and SMILE
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Look Like You Feel and SMILE

Look Like You Feel and SMILE

A recent study published stated most people over 40 years of age feel an average of 12 years younger. Since you feel younger, why not LOOK younger? Who cares what date is on your birth certificate!

Being able to smile with confidence is key to looking and feeling more youthful. As a person ages, muscles that help keep the skin tight begin to get tired, and some lines around the mouth become more evident. Keeping your teeth to help moderate the movement of those facial muscles will help you look younger far longer. Unfortunately, some people choose to remove their teeth prematurely, and even if one tooth is removed and not replaced, the face will start to droop.

Teeth act like tent poles on a tent. If one tent pole falls, what happens to the tent? Even though there may be five other tent poles, the tent eventually falls down and crumbles. The same scenario occurs in the mouth.

There are many different reasons why teeth have to be removed, but remember that they must be replaced to ensure correct function for the entire mouth, muscle tension, and to maintain that youthful glow that most people seek.

Technology has changed dentistry tremendously, and now, everyone can smile with confidence, look younger longer, and keep their teeth for a lifetime. No longer do people have to drink through a straw because they have no teeth, or have to reach into a drawer to find their teeth. You can have a gorgeous smile today that will keep you looking awesome tomorrow, and every tomorrow after that one. Hold your head high, and let your awesome smile open a world of opportunities. You definitely deserve it.

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