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E. Taylor Meiser, DDS, PA
Gum Disease and Soft Tissue Management
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Gum Disease and Soft Tissue Management

Gum Disease and Soft Tissue Management

Soft Tissue Management is a non-surgical approach to control periodontal disease. There is no cure for periodontal disease; it can only be managed or controlled.

What Is Soft Tissue Management?

Soft Tissue Management is an individualized plan to eliminate infection of the gums and root surfaces. An appropriate plan will be chosen by your dentist, hygienist and you. The hygienist will perform the treatments to help eliminate infection, make recommendations to help you more effectively clean your teeth daily, and guide you through the efforts to achieve and maintain oral health.

What Is Root Planing?

Root planing is the treatment of the diseased root surfaces below the gum line. A routine prophy (cleaning) emphasizes cleaning teeth above the gum line in a generally healthy mouth. Root planing focuses on eliminating tartar and plaque below the gum and detoxify the root surfaces where the disease occurs.

What Does Your Dentist Hope to Accomplish with Soft Tissue Management?

  • Gums that do not bleed. Healthy gums do not bleed.
  • Fresher breath and taste
  • Gums that are not red, swollen, or tender
  • Knowing how to effectively maintain good oral hygiene
  • Reduced pocket depths
  • Control of periodontal disease

What Does Your Dentist Need From You, the Patient, to Make This Treatment a Success?

  • Completion of the periodontal therapy prescribed by your dentist
  • Thoroughly cleaning all tooth surfaces two times a day
  • Maintenance of regular re-care visits

For patients with adult periodontitis, supportive three-month re-care is not an option – but a requirement for successful therapy. Your re-care interval will be determined by your hygienist and dentist to best manage your oral health.

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