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Maribel Vann, DDS
Bite Problems and the Advanced Lightwire Functional Appliance (ALF)
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Bite Problems and the Advanced Lightwire Functional Appliance (ALF)

The position of the teeth and jaws interrelate functionally with the rest of the body. The invention of the advanced lightwire functional appliances (ALF) represents a major missing link in dentistry.

A perfectly aligned and level bite provides the self correcting mechanism for rebalancing the skull bones and intracranial membrane system, spine and pelvis.

These findings were supplied by research from Drs. Fonder, Stenger, Frank, May, Jecman, Stoll, Costen, Gelb, Rattins, Nordstrom and Smith. The composite findings helped piece this vital connection between the direct influence the teeth and jaws have on the craniosacral system (skull, sacrum and dural membranes that connects the two structures.) and physiologic processes of the rest of the body.

One of the biggest problems of patients suffering from chronic pain is that it is often very difficult for the treating physician to trace the pain symptoms back to its origin.

Traditional medicine has made great advances in their diagnostic ability to evaluate nerve, muscle and tissue injury, biochemical imbalances and neurologic dysfunction. However, one of the major areas often overlooked is the area of the dental/cranial complex.

The ALF appliances are designed to conform to the anatomy of the upper jaw, which is the foundation of the skull. Some patients in the past and even at present have experienced adverse reactions such as headaches, neck, shoulder and eye pain, facial pain, arm and leg numbness, low back pain, equilibrium problems and ear pain that are triggered off from the adverse effects of the braces distorting the skull. Strain patterns in the skull have malocclusion (bad bite) connected to them. The malocclusions are diagnosed by taking skull x-rays, impressions of the teeth and acculiner analysis (an instrument that can determine if the maxilla (upper jaw) is level. This instrument, invented by Dr. James Carlson enables dentists to determine if the upper jaw is level or abnormally tilted. The photograph below demonstrates an abnormally tilted upper jaw.


This approach is similar to having a builder survey the ground prior to laying the foundation of a house. If the area is uneven, then correction is made. Through the use of Dr. Carlsons instrument, dentists now have this assessment capability.

The upper jaw represents the anterior 2/3s of the foundation of the human skull. If the foundation is crooked, the rest of the spine and pelvis go into compensation (scoliosis or lateral curvature of the spine, disc compression, bulging discs or herniated discs). If you are suffering from the symptoms mentioned in this article, you may have an unlevel upper and lower jaw.


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