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Bad Breath and Body Odor
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Bad Breath and Body Odor

Mouth odor (bad breath) and body odors can come about many different ways. Mouth odor can be caused by not brushing and flossing your teeth, scraping your tongue or rinsing the food from your mouth after meals.
Mouth odor can also come from poor digestion, poor elimination, or not excreting food from the body in the normal transit time. Poor digestion is a result of not preparing your food properly, not chewing food properly and not eating the right foods for your bodys blood type and your body. Mouth odor comes from colds, flu or sinus drainage and constipation.
Bad breath is a sign of some internal disorder. You should have your teeth and gums examined by a dentist to determine if you have tooth and gum disease. If the mouth is healthy, all tooth and mouth problems, such as sinusitis, chronic nasal allergy symptoms, and post-nasal drip should clear up.
If after the dental check-up you still have foul breath, it may be determined that the cause of the problem is due to a digestion problem from a poor diet. The most common cause of bad breath is due to poor elimination and constipation. When you dont property eliminate the waste from the bowels, it causes toxins to be absorbed into the body, which can cause coating or the tongue and foul breath. Digestive enzyme deficiency, such as hydrochloric add and other digestive enzymes, cause foul mouth also.
Super size meals or too many meals may be more than the bodys digestive enzymes can handle, thus causing large pieces of partly digested food to enter the small intestines, causing fermentation, which causes flatulence and bad breath.
Combinations of foods, such as citrus fruits and complex carbohydrates, such as bread, also cause bad breath. Mixing fruit and vegetables or melons will upset digestion. A fiber deficiency and a lot of refined carbohydrates and milk as well as meat are a major cause of bad breath. Such a diet is mucus forming and it causes tooth and gum disease, digestive problems, constipation and other diseases that are related to bad breath.
Stress and anxiety are also a major cause of bad breath. Long bouts of stress can make digestion difficult. Proper digestion and elimination are factors for fresh clean breath.
In yoga, we do a series of assanas to stimulate the proper functions of our digestive system. Yoga poses that include sun salutations and inversions twists help to stimulate the digestive system and help with elimination. In ayurveda, we us herbs and tonics to stimulate the digestive system and promote good bowel movement.
There are two basic causes of body odorsexternal and internal. Body odor can be caused by excess saturated fat, meat, dairy products, hydrogenated fats, fried food, improper diet, zinc deficiency, essential fatty acid, green vegetable deficiency, too many sweets and refined carbohydrates, toxemia, soap and water deficiency. Bacteria, liver disease, fungus, chemicals, and kidney disorder are also causes of body odor. Sweat secretion causes growth of odor-causing bacteria. Fungus infection also causes body odor. The external causes of body odors are eliminated by simply washing the body with soap and water.
Internal causes of body odor are in the skin. Toxins are eliminated through the skin. The entire body sweats, not just the underarms. When there are excessive amounts of toxic substances in the body, the liver or kidneys will release them through the skin.
Improper diet is said to be the main factor in body odor, which is usually caused by excess saturated animal fat or hydrogenated fat. Zinc deficiency is also a cause of body odor. The best way to deal with body odor is to have good hygiene, external cleansing, elimination and and proper diet.
If you are wondering if you have bad breath, take the quick test. Lick the inside of your wrist, wait a few seconds and sniff. Well, do you?

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