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TFC Lifesavers CPR Institute
Contactless CPR Training Now Available
TFC Lifesavers CPR Institute
. https://www.tfclifesavers.com

Contactless CPR Training Now Available

CPR Training – Now Contactless

Touching Hearts and Saving Lives

Now more than ever it’s important to be trained to save a life. TFC Lifesavers offers CPR training options with your safety in mind.

Option 1:

Complete an online course, then test out skills via Zoom under the instruction of a trained qualified instructor. Training equipment can be shipped to your home or business. Once these 2 steps are complete you will receive your 2-year OSHA Compliant Certificate.

Option 2:

Complete an online course and receive your Provisional Certification valid for 90 days, then within 90 days come see us for Social Distance Classroom Training:

  • Classroom reduced to 6 participants
  • Manikin ratio reduced 1 to 1
  • All participants must have temperature checked
  • All students and instructors must wear PPE

Register today, TFCLifesavers.com or call 240-468-7555.

Free COVID Mental Health Class also available – call for details.

TFC Lifesavers CPR Institute
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