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When Will COVID End?
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When Will COVID End?

When Will COVID End?

The short answer is more of a question. What does “end” mean? The fact is that to eradicate any virus from society requires comprehensive and all-inclusive vaccination of the whole population. As everyone knows, this is very unlikely, with all those who refuse the vaccine.

So, eradicating COVID versus ending the major effects of COVID are two different things in the minds of most people.

Some data would help, but even with our trained researchers, it is virtually impossible to know the facts from looking online. This may be the most important problem and obstacle to calling an end to COVID.

For example, twice as many people died from heart disease as COVID last year and more people died from cancer than COVID. You can say from that data that the fight against heart disease and cancer hasn’t ended, but there are still deaths. Life goes on, and people are going to die. You could say the same about COVID.

Everyone likes to compare COVID and the flu. Even though 53,000 people died from the flu last year, the fight against the flu doesn’t end. Life goes on even though people die.

So, when will COVID end? Probably never. It seems like the better question is: When will the dramatic effects of COVID on society end?

This is a loaded question. There are so many factions pulling the answer in so many different directions it may not be possible to know anything relative to the answer.

The death toll is still enormous (almost 2,000 per day) 98% among unvaccinated people. That’s a lot, and considering we have around 100 million unvaccinated people in this country who haven’t gained natural immunity from surviving the virus, this number is not likely to decrease much in the coming months.

When will COVID end? It will end when people decide to get vaccinated. Writing this article and the millions of people talking about this, is just a way around the answer. The answer is simple, even for the simplest of minds. COVID will end when everyone is vaccinated, and not until.

It is very unclear why there isn’t a federal mandate for EVERYONE to get vaccinated. Literally, Congress could pass a law today and the President could sign it, and it would probably go through quickly. So, why doesn’t that happen?

Well, back to a whole bunch of people who, for whatever reason, want to put the whole country through the never-ending COVID crisis. They have something to prove. Maybe they want to see COVID be treated like the flu – life goes on even though people die. As unrealistic as that is, that’s all I can think of.

When will COVID end? If every single eligible person got vaccinated today, then COVID would end quickly. That’s when COVID will end.

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