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Vitamin D and COVID
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Vitamin D and COVID

Vitamin D and COVID

In every serious situation people need information in order to make good decisions however the government and media, across the board, are not providing the information and data available in regard to the coronavirus. The impact of vitamin D is conspicuously missing from government statements, from the CDC to the White House. It cannot be found in the mainstream media. 

Most people have no idea if vitamin D has any impact on COVID, but if you go to the literature you can find some very interesting studies and reports. And, there are some doctors from every corner wailing at the top of their lungs about the importance of vitamin D, especially among African Americans.

Several videos are available online where board certified physicians have stated that possibly the most important factor in protecting yourself from COVID is vitamin D.

The University of Chicago Medical Center conducted research that indicated increased vitamin D levels lowers your risk for COVID. In the same report, it is stated that 80% of people diagnosed with COVID were deficient in vitamin D. Does vitamin D make a difference? It would be nice if the government and news media would provide the data to the American people so they can understand.

The question is, “Why is this missing from the government and news media?” That is a very curious and difficult to understand situation. How can that be?

We don’t know but would encourage everyone to supplement their diet with foods rich in vitamin D, like fish, egg yokes, mushrooms, etc. or take dietary supplements. It won’t hurt you unless you take a huge amount and can’t tolerate it.

In the meantime, implore your government and media to share the data and facts so you can make better decisions for your own health.

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