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Therapeutics Are a Game Changer
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Therapeutics Are a Game Changer

Therapeutics Are a Game Changer

If People Won’t Take the Vaccine Will They Take the Drugs Developed To Treat COVID?

We got a vaccine developed in record speed which should have put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it hasn’t. This writer couldn’t wait to get the vaccine and believed that every single person would line up for it.

It was and is one of the greatest and most remarkable scientific victories of all time to prove a vaccine could be developed that fast – but I am a scientist. If people understand science and the way it works, they know the vaccine is just like getting a flu shot, or a measles vaccine, or many other vaccinations and medications we have in our medical arsenal. If they aren’t scientists they can talk to their own doctor for advice. It’s really that simple.

Now we have therapeutics that have been developed to treat COVID-19 that will make it possible to treat COVID like many other diseases. Merck and Pfizer should gain emergency use authorization very soon for medicine that will reduce the impact of COVID by 80-90%. That’s amazing, right?

One of the obvious and diabolic things people should have noticed is that the very same people who refuse the COVID vaccine are still getting the vaccines that have been around for a long time, they are still taking the drugs (with the associated side-effects) that they have been taking for a long time. Not only that, people are taking new medications that come online to treat everything from the common cold to cancer.

So, will they mount the type of resistance to the COVID drugs developed by the same companies that developed the vaccine? The same government funded research and development that created the vaccine are creating the therapeutics, and now seem on the brink of victory against this horrible contagion.

What do we do about this? The number of deaths is declining, but it’s still high, too high. The unvaccinated represent 99% of the deaths among healthy adults. Around 1,200 deaths per day is roughly 438,000 deaths per year. That’s a lot of deaths.

The vaccine itself could reduce that number by 90% if everyone would get it. But, for reasons only those people who refuse it will understand, a lot of people won’t get it.

Now, if the therapeutics will reduce that number by 80%, will people take the pills? Are the same people who refuse the vaccine also going to refuse the new medicine?

With the vaccine and the therapeutics, the US will be at a point to very soon to declare ultimate victory over the coronavirus. What will happen? The next few months are going to be very interesting to watch!

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