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Toni Greene, Owner
Spring 2022: Is Covid Over?
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Spring 2022: Is Covid Over?

Spring 2022: Is Covid Over?

The mask mandate has been lifted, and masks are only required in some establishments and schools now. Masks are still optional for individuals who are very much concerned with the possibility of contacting a strain of any contagious virus (COVID-19, Omicron, or any new strain).

Even though you are no longer required to wear a mask, will you? What are your thoughts and plans of keeping yourself well? It is a good idea to continue to be mindful of the possibility of the onset or reoccurrence of a virus, of any kind.

You should know when to cover your nose and mouth, and of course you will continue to keep your hands washed and stay home if you or your children aren’t feeling well. It’s common sense (though common sense isn’t so common).

Some people call common sense a “gut” feeling. Common sense (gut) is an inner knowing from all that you know, or don’t know, inwardly, which is intuitive. It’s just knowing the right things to do in any situation.

Since we are all spiritual beings, we intuitively know what’s best, even when we don’t always follow our inner intuition. We pretend we didn’t feel that twitch or thought pertaining to the situation: “I should have stayed home because I knew I was not feeling well. Now I have caused others to become infected because of my lack of common sense”. Inner knowing.

Now that you are responsible for your own well-being what are you going to do? New viruses continue to mutate from different germs and bacteria, very often. We must make a conscious effort to continue to do what we feel is best for our well-being. We must continue to be mindful with living with new viruses and mindful that we can be the ones spreading the virus.

This is our new life. Covering, and keeping distance in crowded places has become our norm.

COVID-19 and other virus are still here. We are living as if we no longer need to be concerned about viruses. It is up to you to keep yourself well. Use common sense, intuition, or gut on keeping yourself well. Eat foods and take supplements to build up your immune system so that your body will be able to fight off viruses you come into contact with. Get your shots, and get your booster shots. If you have not had any shots, chances are you could get very sick when you get COVID.

Happy Spring, stay well, and remember, COVID is still here.

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