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Shocking Vaccination Data
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Shocking Vaccination Data

Shocking Vaccination Data

One thing we all know is that COVID is not going away, in many ways. Even though we have a proven vaccine, millions of Americans are not getting it. I can only shake my head! The data of how many people refuse to get vaccinated is shocking.

When the promise of a vaccine came to light late last year it was expected that everyone would want it, as soon as they could get it. This writer made every effort to get the vaccine as soon as possible. I worked to find an appointment because it is the only thing that makes sense, both scientifically and patriotically.

The protracted effect on society is remarkable with shortages of labor, empty office buildings, and demands for more government assistance. This will continue until unvaccinated people get vaccinated.

Largely missing from the narrative is how viruses mutate. The more infections, and the more spread, the better chance that there will be more mutations. The longer this goes on, the chance that a mutation arises that is resistant to the current vaccine grows. Once that happens, who knows how or if we will be able to control it.

The people who refuse to get vaccinated seem to not understand a few things: science and the effect on everyone else. At this point in time, what are they waiting for? What is going on with those people?

It is very difficult to figure out what rational the anti-vaxers are using in order to refuse to get the vaccine.

Do they not see what’s going on? At some point they have to begin to realize that everyone else in society has to wait on them to be convinced, or something. The harm the unvaccinated are doing to themselves is probably not as bad as what they are doing to the country. Or, is that what they want?

Is it that the unvaccinated can now control the narrative, the media and government policy and that’s what they want? It seems that way. Open defiance of what doctors unilaterally assert is safe and effective? That’s what it seems like! What seemed like an honest choice in the beginning with some legitimate concerns is transforming into what looks like pure selfishness.

I’m shocked every day that every single eligible American doesn’t run as fast as they can to get vaccinated. As a scientist, I have tried to figure it out, but I can’t. Defiance, selfishness, control. Who knows!

Go get vaccinated, or just continue to put yourself, your family, your friends and your country at risk!

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