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Anthony T. Hardnett, DC
Omicron Protection With Nutritional IV Therapy and Triple Immune Boost Shot
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Omicron Protection With Nutritional IV Therapy and Triple Immune Boost Shot

Omicron Protection With Nutritional IV Therapy and Triple Immune Boost Shot

If you’re like most people your body probably doesn’t get the nutrients it needs from food and supplements alone. This can leave you exhausted more often than not, and make your life so much harder than it needs to be – and leave you more suceptible to viruses like COVID-19 and the new omicron strain. 

Social distancing and wearing masks is important, and those measures have certainly played a big part in keeping many of us healthy. But another point that can not be overlooked is that the best way to protect yourself from any germ, bug, or virus is to boost your own immunity by giving your body the key nutrients it desperately needs.

Nutritional IV therapy works by delivering the nutrients you are lacking directly to your body through an IV drip. IV therapy has been used in hospitals for many years, but it’s now making its way to local clinics to treat an array of medical conditions. Nowadays it’s as simple as going to your doctor’s office, being hooked to an IV, and being provided with a custom combination of critical vitamins and minerals designed to help you and your body be your best. 

IV Therapy For Omicron Protection

It seems like everybody has COVID right now, vaccinated or not. The omicron strain is a real threat, spreading like wildfire. Give your body, and your immune system, the advantage it really needs right now. Various customized IV drips are available to help boost your immune system and overall health. They include a blend of IV fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants to cleanse your body and supercharge your immune system to fight off illness, which would be a good thing for just about all of us at this particular moment in time.

Triple Immune Boost Shot

Another great way to give your immune system a helping hand is with  a one-time immune boosting shot.

Triple immune injections combine three beneficial supplements into one powerful shot. They contain glutathione, zinc, and ascorbic acid – better known as vitamin C. 

Glutathione is an amino acid and potent antioxidant that is essential to immune defense. It is the most abundant free radical scavenger synthesized endogenously in humans. The lack or low level of glutathione is significant in acute and chronic disease. 

Glutathione is required by the immune system for two important reasons: it protects host cells through its antioxidant mechanism and it provides optimal functioning of lymphocytes.

Unfortunately when glutathione  is taken orally it is very poorly absorbed. Multiple studies have shown no significant changes in biomarkers when participants took oral glutathione. When it is injected directly into the bloodstream  via the triple immune shot it bypasses the gut entirely, and your body is able to absorb and use it to its fullest extent.

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is a strong antioxidant that contributes to immune defense by supporting various cellular functions of both the innate and adaptive immune system.

Zinc is an essential mineral that contributes to immune defense by its role in the development and function of many immune processes. Supplementing with this mineral helps combat infections and aids wound healing.

Combined in a single injection, these three vital substances help to boost the immune system, improve metabolic functions, prevent illnesses, and ensure you feel your best no matter what!

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