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COVID Update: Omicron, Delta, Alpha
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COVID Update: Omicron, Delta, Alpha

COVID Update: Omicron, Delta, Alpha

What Have We Learned?

Now that we are in the midst of the latest surge in COVID, the word “omicron” has become a household term. And to think, a month ago hardly anyone in the U.S. even knew that omicron was part of the Greek alphabet. The world has essentially survived the original disease and delta, and will undoubtedly survive this one too, albeit with the tragic loss of many lives.

But, what have we learned?

One of the biggest mistakes of the scientists and especially government leaders is the failure to tell people in the very beginning that the likelihood of encountering variants is a practical certainty. This is what always happens with viruses. And, there will be more!

With millions of gene pairs, they will mutate and alter the original strain to some degree virtually all the time. So that government leaders act like this is a surprise, is a bit startling. They have to know this and understand this. The doctors and scientists certainly understand this.

To draw an analogy, think of humans. Each person is essentially a variation of the other humans. No two are the same. Every time there is a new child, it’s different from all the others. But, they are all so similar. For the most part, they react the same way to most things, they breathe the same, they have the same parts, they even look the same, but they are all different.

Scientists in the very beginning of COVID-19 were more realistic and painted the grim picture that a lot of people would be infected and millions would die from it. The panic and anxiety that followed may have saved some lives and probably did, depending on how you look at it, but facts are facts, nature is nature, and science is science.  Look how hard the entire world has fought this virus, and still millions of people have died.

What we have to understand is we’re fighting a virus that is very transmissible, and lethal to many people. It will continue to mutate. There will continue to be variants. They could come as often as every month.

What we have to take away from delta, and now omicron is that there are going to be variants. Be prepared. Have a strategy for the long-term not just panic every time a new variant comes along or a spike happens.

The next variant is probably right around the corner. If we aren’t thinking ahead, then all that’s left is to react. It is always better to be proactive and have a strategy. Where is it?

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