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COVID Immunity – Do the Math
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COVID Immunity – Do the Math

COVID Immunity – Do the Math

If you’re a normal human being in America, you are having a great deal of trouble finding out what’s really going on with COVID-19, masks, vaccinations, and illnesses. The information coming from the government is about as disastrous as the pull out from Afghanistan.

As a scientist and writer, I pay attention to all networks and news shows, the CDC, the FDA and the White House. Having said that, and having spent the time to take it in, piecing together the data and information coming from these sources is likely impossible.

With 70% of adults having received at least 1 dose of the vaccine, and another 44 million having natural immunity from catching the virus and surviving, that equals about 90% of the adult population. That seems damn good to me!

But, wait. Cases are up. Hospitalizations are up. And, deaths are up. How is that possible? If you listen closely and read all the disjointed rhetoric coming from the news and government, it appears that most of the cases are among vaccinated people and most of the hospitalizations are for people with an underlying ailment in addition to COVID.  It appears that if you broke your leg and went to the hospital because your leg is broken and you test positive for COVID, you are classified as a COVID patient, although you never would have been there if you didn’t break your leg!

Even the number of deaths being reported is a mess. Most of them died from something else besides COVID. But, they tested positive for COVID so they are a COVID death [shaking my head].

Can you figure out why this is happening? It probably has more to do with the way the hospital has to treat you if you’re COVID positive, and how much they are getting paid by the government. Obviously they can’t put you in with the rest of the patients, and they have to use special procedures to keep from spreading the virus. But, at some point, enough is enough. At least tell people the real data, and get it right, for a change!

If you do the math, if you’re vaccinated you have about the same chance of getting really sick or dying from COVID as you do of getting hit by a city bus in Kansas. If you’re not vaccinated but have natural immunity, your chances are even lower. If you’re unvaccinated and don’t have natural immunity, there is absolutely no way to tell what your risk is! I submit that the government and media have screwed it up so badly, that the data we’re getting means almost nothing.

What you have now is a whole host of talking heads, across all government agencies and all news networks, expressing opinions and supporting their own agendas.

Then you get to the children – well that’s another subject – stay tuned.

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