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COVID Confusion Amid Increased Immunity
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COVID Confusion Amid Increased Immunity

COVID Confusion Amid Increased Immunity

Have you ever seen a more confused state of affairs over anything? The government, CDC, FDA, NIH, other sources, and the media, across the board, have botched the communication about COVID and vaccinations so badly that who in the world could trust any of it!

As cases rise, and deaths increase, albeit slightly, the world has gone completely crazy. Data shows that the current death rate is under one percent if you catch the virus, and over 99% of those are unvaccinated. Seventy five percent are also over 60 years old.  One main stream news network says masks should be required, then on the same network they have a doctor saying masks don’t do much anyway, unless it’s an N95 mask.

It seems like they all want to have a voice so they are all just throwing it out there, whatever it is. Where is the leadership? Someone needs to lead and it appears they all want to blow hard and pass the ball to somebody else.

Some facts based on knowledge and science.

  • If you have been vaccinated, your body will remember what to do if you are exposed to the virus. That means you certainly can get the virus but it is extremely unlikely you will get severely ill or die. If you have been exposed, even if vaccinated, you can spread the virus. This is basic science you can find in any textbook about viruses.
  • If you have had the virus, your immunity should be very close to having been vaccinated and your immunity should last a long time. Basic science.
  • The information about other factors like better treatments, the importance of vitamin D, and the different blood types seems to have evaporated from the discussion.
  • Like anything else we have faced, we get better at treating the disease. We are much better now at treating the virus so the death rate is lower for those people who haven’t been vaccinated or acquired immunity.
  • Making children wear masks in school is a hot topic when the death rate for young children is very, very small. Understanding that every child’s life is important, more children will be killed in car accidents than COVID, so should we get rid of cars, too? At some point we have to live normal lives and treat people who get the disease.
  • Where is the data about masks. I can’t find it. Where is the science and proof that masks actually work, and how well they work?

The bottom line is the resurgence of the virus, largely the delta variant, has created what looks like hysteria in government and science. Now we all are faced with figuring it out for ourselves. Seventy percent of adults have had at least one dose of the vaccine. Thirty-six million people have had the disease. Added together that is a huge amount of immunity that we have achieved in this country. I say bravo!

Everyone should get vaccinated, but for those who don’t want to for their own reasons, or those who can’t for medical reasons, they should be more careful. With the level of vaccinations and immunity in America, and our improved ability to treat the disease, resorting to the extreme measures we did before should not be necessary. That does not mean we can carelessly go about our lives. That time will come but we’re not quite there yet.

So, we encourage people to get vaccinated, and for those who aren’t or won’t, be careful and use good judgment.

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