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COVID-19: One Subvariant After Another
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COVID-19: One Subvariant After Another

COVID-19: One Subvariant After Another

If you’re paying attention to the current conversation about COVID-19 you’re going to hear a lot about the potential for upcoming surges of the CoV2/Omicron/BA.5 subvariant. BA.5 appears to be a subvariant of BA.4, which is a subvariant of Omicron.

The White House, CDC and some epidemiologists are warning about surges of this subvariant, even suggesting people wear masks inside and the possibility of more shutdowns and isolation. There is a greater push for more vaccinations and boosters to protect people from this new subvariant. It is unclear whether the COVID vaccine is even effective against this subvariant.

What is being reported is that this subvariant causes mild disease compared to the original virus. It doesn’t seem to cause an increase in hospitalizations or deaths. But, still, you’re hearing a lot about it creating more fear in the US and some places around the world.

From what we’ve been through, and what’s happening now, the important aspect of all this is that there are going to be more and more subvariants of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. And, just like the flu shot, there will need to be vaccinations developed every year to address the latest subvariant of CoV-2. Some people get flu shots and some people don’t. This will probably be the case with the coronavirus.

“I never got a flu shot until I was about 40 and got a cold every fall when the weather changed. Since I started getting the flu shot, I haven’t gotten those colds,” according to one person interviewed by Your Health Magazine.

It would seem that our government would be preparing for the future, which means having a shot available every year to protect people against the latest subvariant. But, it doesn’t seem like that is happening. It’s more like rhetoric to create fear, even when hospitalizations and deaths are declining, and 90% of those are people with several underlying conditions.

At this point everyone knows what to do when they have contact with someone who has tested positive or they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID themselves. That would be the same with any communicable disease, right?

So, why are Fauci, Walensky and the White House suggesting people should isolate and wear masks, still at this point? It is as unclear and confusing as so many things our government has done during COVID. Like the boy who cried wolf, if you scare people every time there is a subvariant, sooner or later people will just stop paying attention.

“What we need is a reasonable solid plan for the future instead of trying to use fear to influence people. A long-term plan and not this reactive rhetoric to scare people”, according to the editor at Your Health Magazine. Has the CDC wasted so much credibility because all the disconnected and contradictory things they have said and done during the pandemic so people have stopped listening and paying attention to them?  That is something they need to correct and put forth reasonable and consistent plans for the future so they can garner support from the people they serve.

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