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Sarah Shores
Got the Winter Blues?
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Got the Winter Blues?

Got the Winter Blues?

The cold weather and short days are here and that can negatively impact individuals as the ability to produce vitamin D naturally from the sun is not as easy as in the summer months. 

There are two common maladies this time of year – seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and the flu. SAD can be identified as depressive symptoms and while experts don’t know the exact cause, the research shows that lack of light is the main contributor to SAD condition.  

SAD can affect up to 10 million Americans a year, with women four times more likely to be diagnosed with it than men. 

The flu season also corresponds to shorter days with lesser sunlight.Some researchers also tie the lower levels of vitamin D due to less sunlight with rising levels of the flu. 

The importance of sunlight makes sense since scientists, such as physicist Fritz Albert Popp, believe that “incredible as some may think, there is light in our cells. It pulsates and acts in a way very much alive, as if it breathes like leaves waving in the wind.” To stay healthy, especially this time of year we need sunlight which in turn keeps our vitamin D levels up.

Sunlight helps with the symptoms of SAD, as has been shown in several studies. The UVB in sunlight and how it protects against severe respiratory disease has also been studied at the Trinity College in Dublin and the University of Edinburgh. This landmark study found that individuals with regular ambient UVB exposure had a three times stronger immune response that protected them against respiratory disease and death. So, despite the cold, getting outside and enjoying the sun is a healthy pastime. If that is not possible, the UVB light that shines inside the Blu Room is also an option. 

The Blu Room utilizes UVB light and sound to achieve the benefit of vitally important vitamin D levels in a relaxed environment.  In one session the Blu Room UVB light can generate up to 10,000 IU’s of vitamin D and a new state of mind.  Users have reported Blu Room sessions helped them to experience elevated mood, improved sleep, increased energy, and relief from physical pain.  

There are over 55 Blu Rooms worldwide. Warrenton Wellness has the only Blu Room on the east coast.

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