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Anne C. Crowley, MAc, LAc
Acupuncture Beauty Is Indeed Skin Deep
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Acupuncture Beauty Is Indeed Skin Deep

Looking at someone's face can tell you a lot about the person. Lines and wrinkles are indeed earned.

Alcohol, smoking and poor diet can take a toll on our bodies and our faces. Stress over the years can add its mark. Taking care of the body from the inside out, will leave good signs on the face.

Acupuncture moves energy though meridians in the body, causing the flow of energy and blood to be more fluid. This increases circulation and brings energy and blood to all areas of the body, including the face. After a patient has had an acupuncture treatment, their cheeks look rosy; they feel very relaxed and full of energy. So acupuncture is unclogging channels of energy to increase circulation in the body, which in turn makes us more vital. Acupuncture can help us with dealing with the everyday stresses of life as well. These can take as much of a toll as any of the more tangible intrusions.

Tips For Improving Our Skin's Appearance From the Inside Out

Reduce stress

Eliminate smoking

Reduce or eliminate alcohol

Drink plenty of water

Exercise to circulate the blood

Acupuncture and herbs to replenish energy, remove toxins, and reduce stress

As we start to feel better inside our bodies with a consistent acupuncture plan, we are more willing to take on things like exercise and a better diet. A good exercise program forces the blood to rush to the face, invigorating capillaries, creating blood flow and bringing about a younger look. Yoga and martial arts can have the same effect.

Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, good nutrition and nutritional supplements can all help us from the inside out. Chinese herbs can reduce the effects of excess heat that cause wrinkles. Excess heat can come from years of smoking or from years of excess stress. There are also herbs to replenish kidney yin, which is lost as we age, and especially during menopause for women. Stress can also deplete that yin. Herbs and acupuncture can help to replenish this lost yin and to counter the effects of additional stress on us. Adding great exercise programs to this, such as walking, aerobics, yoga, tai chi, qi gong can start to increase the flow of energy.

Looking deeply into the looking glass, let's start this journey from the inside out. Let's begin by doing what the internal body needs. Acupuncture is an amazing healing method to bring about that inside healing that will be reflected outside.

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