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Rachel Strass, DOM, LAc
Acupuncture and Anger
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Acupuncture and Anger

We are now at the beginning of a change in seasons. This is now the Chinese year of the dog and spring has begun its renewal of the Northern Hemisphere. Just as night must turn to day, winter must turn to spring. Alas, this change can be uncomfortable, especially for someone with a lot of anger. Fortunately, acupuncture can be very helpful with this emotion.

The most significant changes in life usually begin as barely noticeable, even trivial. When an underground seed begins to sprout, nobody knows. Yet, that seed could be a mighty oak tree, destined one day to bring shelter, food, and beauty to the world. Moreover, a small spark can turn a dry forest into a raging inferno in very little time. Minor irritation turns to rage in a person this same way.

It is no coincidence that of the Five Elements, the Wood Element is associated with spring. It is associated with hope, creativity, and anger. Interestingly, all these emotions feel the same they are vivid, strong, and upward.

Remember that this surging, vivacious energy is coursing through everyone at the grocery store checkout, in traffic, in the office, and everywhere else. It's good to know that what we are feeling is nature at work. Although it can feel like an all-consuming rush, it's not personal.

Thankfully, you can use acupuncture to smooth the flow of Qi. Wood in balance is benevolent and flexible. Conversely, Wood out of balance is inflexible, unclear, irritable, and violent. When someone has to be first in line, at the light, or wherever, this can be Wood out of balance, especially if he/she is willing to cut off others in order to get “there.” If this angry, rushing person sounds like you, it might be a good idea to pay a visit to your local acupuncturist.

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