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Jay Cho, DC, LAc, FIAMA
Listen To Your Body
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Listen To Your Body

Listen To Your Body

You would be surprised or even shocked if you knew the amount of medications many people take daily. Patients who are relatively old find themselves in this group of those with heavy medication and sometimes feel hopeless because of their symptoms and poor health status. Medications help so many people everyday but like with anything in life it is with high importance that we monitor our intake. It is common for chiropractic clinics to see patients come in due to the fact they can no longer take these medications because of excessive use.

For example, Mr. Guzman is 65 years old and a business owner. He has been suffering from multiple chronic symptoms including fibromyalgia and lumbar disc disease sciatica. He visited his chiropractic clinic seeking an alternative treatment including acupuncture and chiropractic because his primary doctor recently told him that he could no longer take painkiller medications anymore due to his damaged liver possibly caused by long-term use of his medications.

Ms. Lee is 32-year-old nurse. She was badly injured in an auto accident six months ago but she did not receive the proper care or treatment at the time. Her commitment to her job resulted in her taking many pain medications so she could work. Unfortunately, her overall symptoms got worse and her symptoms became too severe to work at all.

The point is not that taking medications is bad. Medications and drugs are amazing and can be a lifesaver for many individuals. There is no doubt, however, there are many cases where people find themselves with other issues or even a damaged liver or kidney due to constant use of medications or drugs.

The United States is the number one country that consumes painkiller medications, including opioids. People today are constantly working and need to be able to work. These medications help to control pain levels and give us the ability to perform our daily activities.

However, now is the time we need to listen to our bodies. When you feel pain or excessive sensitivity, your body is probably telling you that you need a break. Always be aware of your body condition and your age. Many patients are injured by excessive exercises or overworking and we should not take this lightly. Sometimes, injuries and conditions as simple as these are too severe to recover from. No one wants to be told, “It’s too late.”

Medications give us the ability to work during crucial moments on the job, but it is possible that we are ignoring our body’s voice. Instead of taking more medications to continue working, listen to your body and take a much-needed break. Listen to your body before it is “too late”, even for medications.

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