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Allen A. Farsaii, MD
Circumcision Prevents Disease
Germantown Urology Center

Circumcision Prevents Disease

There has been much discussion lately about the benefits of circumcision done either at birth or as an adult. Although the best age to have a circumcision performed is not agreed upon, there is one thing thats for sure
there are many health benefits to having a circumcision including preventing urinary tract infections and stopping all kinds of microbial and viral organisms from entering the body.
Recent studies of European, African and U.S. men who were circumcised show a significantly lower incidence of urinary tract infections (UTIs), STDs and AIDS. Other studies from around the world confirm that uncircumcised male infants are 10-12 times more likely than circumcised males to get UTIs.
Another aspect of circumcision is cultural and religiousseveral religions consider male circumcision to be an important part of their faith. The result is that these cultural hygienic practices spare men penile cancer and other diseases of the penis. These rituals should be respected by others, as there is no evidence that infant or adult circumcision results in any disability of any kind.
Finally, I want to stress the fact that circumcision has absolutely no effect on sensation and will not affect sexual activity in later life. In fact, it may improve desire and sexual satisfaction.

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