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Janet V. Johnson, MD
Children Need Cheerleaders
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Children Need Cheerleaders

Children Need Cheerleaders

Through encouragement and love a person can succeed and excel thereby building their self-esteem. By continuously encouraging our children and telling them “I see that you are capable. Here, you succeeded!” They can learn any subject because they learned to believe in themselves. This gave them the desire to succeed in learning, and everything else they do.

Building a child’s self-esteem as well as a student means giving warmth, love, encouragement, and reinforcement. This helps raise a child’s self-confidence and self-belief.

We live in a generation where people persecute themselves and their children. They focus on their own as well as their children’s flaws all the time, conditioned to do so from their upbringing of constant criticism, belittling, and abuse. Insensitive and unthinking parents sometimes are most likely to label their children as “loser,” “lazy,” “dumb” and “coward”. Children often grow up trying to prove to themselves and others that they are not a “loser,” “lazy,” “dumb” or “coward”.

Parents have no idea the depths of the wounds they inflict on their children with such cruel and heartless labels.

Parents often harbor irrational expectations from their children. A parent must encourage a child to succeed with the God given talents and abilities bestowed in that child. A parent should not expect a child to be what he is not, and certainly not belittle the child for something he cannot either do or finds difficulty in doing.

It is also inappropriate for a parent to force a child with an aptitude for playing the piano into going out for a sports team such as football or soccer, especially when they disdain roughness.

Creating a unified standard for all of their children is a common and tragic mistake that parents also make; in doing so they are ignoring the advice of King Solomon, to educate a child according to that child’s particular inclinations. Every child has strengths, tendencies and unique abilities.

Every child is an exquisitely special being like no other. Therefore we must never evaluate or compare one child to another in any way for each child should be guided in a manner that is appropriate for him alone. Saying to one child that he should be like his brother, sister, or anyone else for that matter, can be considered an act of verbal abuse. All children should be raised to enjoy being their very own special selves.

Parents should bestow a healthy measure of self-confidence and self-esteem, by virtue of the limitless love and attention that they devote to their children. They have the tools for life, something that even the greatest PhD in education cannot provide. It is the parent’s responsibility to educate and to teach their children right from wrong.

Here are four steps for encouragement success

Encourage them with focused attention Take time to make each child a priority. They just need our time. Each child should have a special day. These are treasured moments.

Encourage with individual affirmation Help them find their way. Find where their skills are and coach them in that area. Know each child’s personality, the good and the bad. Deal with each child individually.

Encourage with genuine appreciation Don’t make your children bitter. Let them know what they have done well. Give parental support. Let them know mom is on our team. Dad is on our team. Don’t ignore the wrong but don’t let it be your focus point. There is something that they do well, so let them know you are proud of them.

Encourage them with physical affection Give a hug, laugh together and have a good time together.

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