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Sarah Faggert Alemi, DAc, LAc
Aid Weight Loss With Acupuncture
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Aid Weight Loss With Acupuncture

With almost two-thirds of Americans overweight or obese, it is likely that you or someone close to you is on a quest to lose weight. Of course, losing weight isn’t always so easy. Fortunately, acupuncture has been shown effective in helping to aid in weight loss.

This is good news considering that there are a lot of factors that may hinder weight loss, especially as we get older. We may have a medical condition that makes losing weight harder, such as hypothyroidism. There may be hormonal changes, such as menopause or chronic stress, are culprits. Sometimes our bodies are just not functioning optimally. In all these cases, even if we are eating less than we are taking in, the pounds may not always be coming off.

How can thin, filiform needles aid in weight loss? Well, these tiny needles essentially help your body work at its optimal level, whether that’s your stomach digesting nutrients, your cardiovascular system pumping blood to your muscles or your metabolism speeding up.

Acupuncture can also help by decreasing cravings and neutralizing the stress hormone cortisol as well, through the release of endorphins. This is important in weight loss as cravings in the body are often due to a lack of endorphins. Less cortisol in the body leads to less inflammation and weight loss resistance.

In addition to helping weight loss with the release of endorphins, acupuncture also helps to release serotonin into the body, which decreases appetite. Not only that, but acupuncture can help the body to lower levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin, which signals our body to eat.

Acupuncture can also help with the symptoms that sometimes show up with a new weight loss program, such as sore muscles, tiredness, and stomach troubles. Acupuncture is effective at treating pain and helping muscle and tissue repair. It is also an effective treatment for bloating, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Acupuncture also helps to increase energy levels in the body so that you can keep up your workouts and your willpower!

If you have been struggling to lose weight, consider seeing a licensed acupuncturist for assistance with your weight loss. There are ways that the acupuncturist can help to make sure that you body is operating optimally and helping you to lose the weight that you want – in addition to a healthy lifestyle, which will also be discussed during treatments.

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