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Brittney de Vicq, MAc, LAc
Acupuncture and Meditation
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Acupuncture and Meditation

Acupuncture and Meditation

Truly effective acupuncture treatment involves more than going to see your acupuncturist and receiving a needle treatment. Starting acupuncture treatment helps to open the door to self-care and managing your symptoms in your daily life. For example, your acupuncturist might suggest lifestyle changes to complement and improve treatment, such as dietary changes, exercise, creative outlets and meditation.

Meditation is one of the easiest and most powerful complements to acupuncture treatment. The following meditation technique is very simple. Sit still in an upright position with your eyes closed for one half-hour a day. As you sit still and breathe evenly let your mind relax and have no relationship with the thoughts that will pop into your head. Just let them go. Imagine your thoughts in a bubble and then release them.

It can be challenging and some days it can be easier to meditate than others. This form of meditation is very simple and powerful. The more often you meditate the better you will feel. Once it becomes a daily practice you will begin to notice the changes in your well-being.

There are numerous studies documenting the benefits of meditation, which include improved concentration and memory functions, lower blood pressure, better sleep, less anxiety/depression as well as pain reduction. A recent eight-week study on mindful meditation conducted at Harvard University showed that participating in an eight-week meditation training program can have measurable positive effects on how the brain functions, even when someone is not actively meditating.

When you start a meditation routine, you will become invested in it once you experience the results. The hardest part of getting started is actually making yourself sit still for a half hour once a day, because it is so counter-intuitive in a world where everybody is always on the move and focused on being “connected.” But that makes the importance of finding stillness greater than ever. As the Dalai Lama said: “Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.”

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