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April Toyer, DDS, FAAPD
Whiten Your Child’s Teeth Naturally
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Whiten Your Child’s Teeth Naturally

Whiten Your Child’s Teeth Naturally

Permanent teeth have a naturally more yellow hue than their baby predecessors. Tooth whitening is generally not recommended for children until their adult teeth are fully erupted. At about the age of 14, the nerve tissue in a child’s permanent teeth has finally developed and bleaching is safer at this time.

Bleaching too early can lead to tooth sensitivity and is often contraindicated due to concerns with cavity control and hygiene concerns. In some circumstances bleaching in children may be permitted with low carbamide peroxide concentrations and only under a dentist’s care.

Although bleaching may not be in the cards for your child check out these natural tips and tricks to keep that smile looking bright.

Avoid dark foods and drinks The first few weeks after your whitening procedure your teeth are more susceptible to picking up stain. Anything that can stain your shirt can also stain your teeth. Red wine, teas, dark sodas, dark juices and cigarettes can all seep into the newly opened tubules of your teeth and cause them to discolor rapidly.

Eat teeth cleansing foods Teeth can be naturally cleansed by foods that are firm and crisp such as apples, carrots and celery. When you cannot get to a toothbrush this is a great alternative

Don’t forget to rinse Water is nature’s great neutralizer. After consuming dark substances rinse with water to cleanse your mouth of dyes and other food debris.

Eat more strawberries The malic acid contained in strawberries has natural properties that contribute to tooth whitening.

Gargle with apple cider vinegar This can be done before brushing. Vinegar is a natural cleansing agent that can help remove stains, kill bacteria and also whiten

your teeth.

Brush with baking soda In addition to normal brushing, using baking soda once a week can help keep your teeth sparkling. The abrasives in baking soda can help remove surface stain and maintain your pretty white smile. Make sure you do not swallow the baking soda or brush

too harshly.

Attend regular check-ups Sometimes the plaque or build up on your teeth can harden and form tarter. Additional debris on your teeth can be magnets for stain. Discoloration can often be signs of injury, decay or an altered internal make of the tooth structure. Make sure that you attend your check up every six months to remove excess build up and evaluate your whitening success.

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