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Monica Ferebee, RN, BSN, MSED, CHPN

COPD: When Is It Time To Choose Hospice Care?

Diseases related to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, make up the fourth highest cause of death in the United States. Yet less than 10%of… Continue Reading

Integrative Hyperbaric & Wound Care

Hyperbaric Post-Radiation Recovery: Breast Cancer Spotlight

For the past over 125 years many cancers have been successfully treated with radiation, helping save millions of patients’ lives – however it often leaves… Continue Reading

Preserve Your Teeth With The Bioclear Method

Closing “Black Triangles” Part 2 Last month’s article was about the Bioclear method and stated the numerousadvantages of how this procedure has saved teeth from… Continue Reading

8 Ways To Avoid Dry Hair This Winter

As much as we love sweater weather, pumpkin everything and blondes going back to the dark side, there is one thing that the cold weather… Continue Reading

Yeji Lee, LAc

How To Relieve Allergy Symptoms

Since there are variety of plants and animals in nature, there are many allergy patients in Virginia. Some patients experience allergies for specific reasons, and… Continue Reading

Christopher and Devin Rosenthal, Owners/Technicians

What Is Alopecia Areata?

If you are looking for a hair loss solution, it is really normal to feel possibly ashamed or scared or uncertain. You have no need… Continue Reading

Michael B. Rogers, DDS

How Dental Technology Benefits You

Making an Easier, More Comfortable Dental Visit Modern dentistry is always developing ways to make your visits faster, easier, more comfortable, and better for the… Continue Reading

Top Ten Ways to Reduce Body Pain

Americans endure more pain than any country in the world, not to mention the 50 million Americans that endure chronic pain as reported by the Centers for… Continue Reading

Dr. Nayan Patel

Immunity Booster 101: A Guide to a Healthy Supplement Regimen

Your body needs vitamins and minerals to develop and function properly. While the majority of people get the right quantity of nutrients by eating a… Continue Reading

Cannabis Use Rises Among Women

A new report has revealed that cannabis use skyrocketed among women in 2018. In fact, the number of women buying marijuana-based products in California increased… Continue Reading

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