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Tareq Salameh, DDS

Manassas Modern Dentistry

10620 Crestwood Drive
Suite A
Manassas, VA

Dr. Tareq Salameh is most passionate about providing top-quality dental care for everyone. What he enjoys the most about his work is providing what his patients need with precision care. Dr. Salameh loves what he does and looks forward to his work and patients every day.

Dr. Salameh loves getting to know his patients, but most importantly he enjoys being able to provide them with the dental care they need. At the end of the day, he enjoys seeing them leave with a smile knowing he was able to take care of their pain or discomfort or perfect a tooth they had a small insecurity about.

Excellence In Education

Dr. Salameh has more than 15 years of experience practicing in the dental field and has been practicing since he graduated from the University of Colorado School of Dentistry.

Dr. Salameh is a member of the ADA, the primary source for the latest advancements in research and technology in the field of dentistry and oral health. He chooses to participate in continuing education because he’s passionate about dentistry and learning about the newest technology and information the dental field has to offer. There are constant advancements and discoveries in dentistry, and he wants to be up-to-date on those advancements so that he is fully informed and always ready when providing dental care to his patients.

Outside the Office

When Dr. Salameh isn’t working, you’ll find him at home spending quality time with his friends and family. In his free time, he enjoys watching historical and national geographic documentaries, reading, or playing a match of soccer with fellow dentist friends after work.

A Focus On Community

Dr. Salameh is dedicated to his community. He helps his community by providing free dental services for underserved prospective patients a couple of days a month – not only because they need assistance and healthcare provided to them, but because he enjoys helping those in need and striving to help whoever he can in any way.

In fact, he chose to join the oral healthcare field because he saw that it was a healthcare service not being provided enough to underserved communities and he is here to change that!

MD (301) 805-6805 | VA (703) 288-3130