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Ron Murray, PhD

National Integrated Health Associates

5225 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Suite #402
Washington, DC 20015

Areas of Focus: Chronic or Unresolved Pain, Asthma, Concussion, Traumatic Brain Injury, Headaches, Fibromyalgia,  Post-surgical Pain

Practice Philosophy: Based on years of practice, I have found that the human body has a natural inclination to find its way home, to restore an equilibrium that constitutes health. Through Manual Regulation Therapy, (MRT), I help promote, enhance, and assist the wisdom of the body toward natural healing.

Treatments:  Manual Regulation Therapy (MRT) combines mind-body therapy, biological medicine and energy medicine for a wide range of health issues including Traumatic Brain Injury, Concussion, Chronic Pain, Asthma, Calming Autonomic Nervous System Fight or Flight Stress Response and more. Peptide bioregulators and pleo-sanum homeopathic remedies.

Ron’s initial training started with a physiotherapist degree specializing in osteopathic manipulation, after which he earned a second degree as a Traditional Naturopath.  Upon completing his third degree, Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Ron Murray, Ph.D., taught a fluid approach to cranial manipulation as a Faculty Member for 10 years, earning distinction as Instructor Emeritus of Clinical Medical Education at Capital University of Integrative Medicine.

Ron Murray was trained in advanced forms of cranial, visceral, somato emotional release, lymphatic, energetic and psychoemotional work. The integration of this work led him to understand that there is a gelatinous fluid system that continues throughout the body.   It also proved that all structures in the body are uniquely tied together to form a system called the extracellular matrix which connects every cell with every other cell, then cells to organs, then organs to the organism or human body. It is by gentle manipulation of this matrix that Ron gets such extraordinary results.

What Patients Say:

“No one could find the source of my pain. It was severe and unexplained
but Ron was the first person to finally understand the source of my pain
and began to treat me. For the first time I have had a significant reduction
in the pain level and have gotten my life back….” Ebony

“I visit Ron Murray on a routine basis for tune-ups. My body feels balanced after a session. He helped me with sinus and respiratory issues.” 
Mac, Northern Virginia, Engineer

“Ron Murray has helped me literally from head to toe and everything
in between. He eliminated my tension headaches, corrected repetitive hand
and shoulder injuries, and accelerated healing from foot surgery, even
when I was up to my knee in a cast.”  F.P., DC Metro Area, Musician

MD (301) 805-6805 | VA (703) 288-3130