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Robert A. Breiner, DPM

Robert A. Breiner, DPM & Associates

5105 Backlick Road
Suite S
Annandale, VA

For over 30 years, Dr. Breiner has been a Podiatrist and Foot Surgeon in the Northern Virginia area. He is a Diabetic Foot Care Specialist. The business was started in 1972 in Springfield and it has been serving the people of this region for the last 53 years. Dr. Breiner took over the practice in 1990 and is now proud to work with four practitioners, Dr. Rich Okino, Dr. Philip Gaspar, Dr. Rebecca Metz and Dr. Bryan Levay.

Special Interests: Dr. Breiner treats all types of foot and ankle structural disorders. During your consultation, he will perform a detailed assessment of your problem, describe his finding clearly and suggest a treatment and recovery plan that is customized to your specific needs. He will present all your options in a clear and comprehensive manner so that you are able to participate equally in the decision making. At our foot care facility, we treat ingrown toe nails, nail fungus, warts, heel pain, diabetic ulcers, vascular foot care, sports medicine, foot and ankle injuries, corns and calluses, and we can provide orthotics.

Professional Memberships: American Podiatric Medical Association, American Professional Wound Care Association, Knights of Columbus, Lions Club International, Catholic Charities USA.

Practice Philosophy: Dr. Breiner is one of the most respected podiatrists and foot surgeons in the Northern Virginia area. He has been practicing in this region for more than three decades. Dr. Breiner only recommends surgery when it is absolutely necessary and strongly feels that the procedure should be minimally painful for the patient. Also, the aesthetic result of any surgical procedure is not secondary for him. In fact, it is as much a priority as the corrective function of the surgery.

MD (301) 805-6805 | VA (703) 288-3130