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Rani Soudagar, Microblading Technician

Threading with Rani

Threading With Rani
1610 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20007

Driven by the passion for perfection Rani Soudagar has been practicing and specializing in threading for more than 30 years. At the age of 10, she first became curious about how a single strand of thread is able to remove hair in such an artistic way to define facial features and enhance one’s natural beauty.

Over 30 years she had refined her skills and her passion only grew stronger. Rani aspires to bring precision and professionalism to the next level to continue in her quest to be the best, in February 2016 in Dallas Texas, Rani became certified in Microblading. She also continued education and pursued permanent makeup school in Virginia, in addition to being certified in massage therapy and Reiki Master. Last but not least she is a henna artist and has been practicing henna for 28 years.

Rani ensures that all of her clients not only look great but feel great. She is very thankful for all her clients who have supported her in this journey and she looks forward to finding more ways to fuel her drive.

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MD (301) 805-6805 | VA (703) 288-3130