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Laurie Hyland Robertson, MS, C-IAYT

Whole Yoga & Pilates

Whole Yoga & Pilates
1202 Annapolis Road
Suite I - 2nd Floor
Odenton, MD 21113
(410) 305-1331

When we think of “yoga” in the West, we’re usually considering only a small part of yogic science—the physical practice, part of hatha (“ha-tah”) yoga. The yoga asanas (roughly, “poses” or “comfortable seat”) are just one branch of the eight-limbed path (ashtanga) of yoga. The practice of asanas was originally intended to strengthen and focus the body to prepare it for deep meditation, essentially in search of enlightenment. The other physically oriented limb of yoga, pranayama (“breathing practices”), is the other area with which yoga classes in the US are primarily concerned.

Like yoga, pilates (“puh-la-teez”) links breathing with movement and strengthens the body’s core—the large group of muscles that includes the abs, glutes, lower back, and hips—without adding bulk. Pilates emphasizes these spine-supporting muscles, helping to promote proper alignment and good posture. The precision of the exercises brings poise and lightness to your movements both in and outside of class. (Many dancers swear by it.) In pilates, one perfect movement is considered preferable to 20 sloppy ones.

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