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LaSondra Gray, CMLSO, CNNC

Reflections Image Center

44125 Woodridge Parkway
Suite #220
Lansdowne, VA 20176

LaSondra Gray, CMLSO, CNNC, Cosmetic Dermatology, Laser Surgery & National Wellness & Nutrition Coach is Northern Virginia’s hidden gem and expert in laser technology — from head to toe.  She understands and knows the value and benefit that advancements in laser technology have on resolving multiple issues including the elimination of pain.  This knowledge has proven invaluable to her as she has traveled the world, training multiple disciplines in the safety and efficacy of laser technology.

Her passion began over 15 years ago when she began working with some of the world’s most renowned dermatologists, plastic surgeons and pain management professionals.  Her travels throughout the US and internationally allowed her to study under the surgeons and skincare experts from some of the top institutions in the world.

LaSondra has trained and lectured on the safety and efficacy of laser and soft tissue interaction. As a result, LaSondra has received accolades for her efforts in opening and expanding laser centers throughout the world.

She has paired her studies along with her own personal philosophy to become renowned for achieving true, positive, visible results — garnering her some of the most elite clientele in the area.  She caters to people who seek exceptional results and services that support a natural, healthy look and lifestyle — today and tomorrow.

The Wellness Center At Reflections

Clients that follow the Wellness Center at Reflections research based program under the guidance and direction of Dr. Lisa Majete are usually able to lose 3-5 pounds the first week and 1-3 pounds every week thereafter. Generally, with type 2 diabetics, we can assist in decreasing the amount of insulin use in 2-3 weeks. We can reverse disease and assist with ceasing medication in some cases.

We take a holistic approach to delivering outstanding results…INSIDE and OUT!

We accept most HSA/FSA Plans

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