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Audrey Humphrey, NP

Why is there an “H” in our name? The AH is for our founder, Audrey Humphrey, but is still pronounced “aesthetics.”

Audrey is trained in multiple non-surgical cosmetic procedures and continues to advance her skills and knowledge in new cosmetic techniques through ongoing training and education. Before starting her career in aesthetics, Audrey worked in primary, urgent, and long-term care with adult and geriatric populations through her company Endeavorecare LLC. She is a Registered Nurse Practitioner in Virginia and Washington states.

She’s passionate about her work, and her driving force is to provide the best possible care for her patients with her extensive knowledge, compassion, and skill.

Degrees, Training & Certifications

Audrey Humphrey began her healthcare career in 2010 when she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from George Mason University. She then pursued her Master of Nursing (MSN) in Nursing Administration from George Mason University, followed by Post Masters Certificate in Nurse Practitioner from Maryville University.

Special Interests

Audrey’s interest in aesthetics and cosmetic procedures comes from her desire to offer patients greater self-confidence and a sense of well-being.

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