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Joyce Moya, LCSW, MSS

Hozho Behavioral Health & Life Coaching Services, PLLC

Hozho Behavioral Health and Life Coaching Services, PLLC
11903 Main Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22408

At HÓZHÓ Behavioral Health, we allow you, are clients, to “drive” your care and have a  clinician that understands your situation, does not judge your religious or spiritual beliefs and is flexible in their ability to meet your needs (whether it be times, frequency of sessions, confidentiality concerns, etc.)

This reduces lack of commitment on the side of the client; it reduces breaks in service; it reduces lack of compliance and it increases the “trust” value of the relationship. We do not pathologize our clients and we believe in helping our clients through a variety of modalities that do not stigmatize.

We understand that appropriately matched treatment modalities can validate people’s experiences, empower people to seek treatment or accommodations, honor and encourage their adaptive efforts, and foster connections with others who understand their experience. At HÓZHÓ Behavioral Health we use words like “Difference” not “Disorder”.

Difference is not disorder. Emotional pain is not disorder. These are aspects of being human. We describe human experience in all its variety by trying to help those who are suffering and guide them  to work through their pain without stigma.

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