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Joy Baker, Usui Reiki Master

At The Bay Healing Arts Center

At The Bay Healing Arts Center
North Beach, MD 20714

​​Joy Baker is a Usui Reiki Master. She has been practicing Usui Reiki since 2006. She received her Usui Reiki training and certification from three Reiki Master Instructors, Ethel Porter, Pat Clarke and Linda Roebuck between 2001 and 2010 when she received her Master training.

Joy’s intentions while performing Reiki is always for her clients’ highest good and wellbeing. She is willing to work you with and/or your pets!  Her clients typically come to her with issues that include general aches and pains, headaches, symptoms from specific illness and disease and associated treatments, tension, stress, depression, anxiety, general health maintenance and many times just to experience Reiki for the first time. You remain fully clothed and lie on a massage table in a darkened room with soft music to enhance relaxation. The environment is prepared to ensure your comfort and to provide a quiet space for your time there. Reiki is energy work. The results accomplished when energy that is blocked by inflammation, congestion, stress or trauma is relieved and balanced during a session. This balancing allows those blocked areas to heal on a deep level and maintain higher levels of general health for you in body, mind and spirit. Individually, better health in each of these facets of our being is important to achieve happiness and good health in our lives. It is ideal when healing is on all of these levels.

To accomplish this healing using Reiki Joy holds her hands in various positions and at various distances over the her client’s body to detect where the energy flow is blocked. If she or the client experience differences in the energy levels within the body then Joy will focus on that area to gently release the blockage that exists there.

She does not offer diagnoses at any time and cannot make prescriptions. Joy believes that Reiki as well as any holistic health methodology, go hand in hand with traditional western medical science and complement each other but that they do not replace each other. Holistic health practices supplement traditional medicine by helping to reduce the symptoms of illness and disease, depression and anxiety and other life issues in ways and extents that are not addressed by traditional medicine.

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