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Joseph Shaw Jones, MD

Gentle Wellness Center

12011 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway
Suite 300
Fairfax, VA 22033

Here at Gentle Wellness Center, which is a trusted functional and holistic wellness center, we wholeheartedly believe that your health is your most precious resource and most valuable asset. Without good health, your quality of life is diminished and it’s hard to feel content. Approaching wellness from an integrative, holistic manner, we strive to eliminate the causes of disease and illness while promoting wellness education.

Being one of the best cancer treatment centers in Northern Virginia, we have treated patients from all over the east coast and various parts of the country. We follow an integrative medicine approach that includes treating cancer with Insulin Potentiation Therapy which includes a low dose chemotherapy in conjunction with other alternative therapies such as IV vitamin therapies, naturopathy, detoxification treatments, acupuncture and massage therapy. Combining the efforts of general practitioners with nutritional experts, functional medicine associates, and others, our staff works to improve the body/mind/spirit connection to help elevate wellness levels throughout the entire body.

We work in partnership with the patients themselves, allowing them to take ownership in their own treatment plan while learning more about the integrative nature of the human body. Our focus is to treat the underlying cause of disease and illness, alleviating symptoms and pain through personalized holistic healing. We are driven by a mission to empower patients and practitioners both, through education, training, and research. We are here to assist each patient on their journey to optimal wellness.

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