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Jackie Johnson

Bella Cache Wellness Center

8500 B Annapolis Road
New Carrollton, MD 20784

Bella Cache Wellness Center offers a healthcare based environment, in which we incorporate medical, nursing and therapeutic treatments into our services. Our treatments and services are provided by licensed specialists with experience in each specialty. Our specialists offer services that are designed to complement one another. By working together, all under one roof, we will bridge the gap in health and wellness services and improve client outcomes and satisfaction.

Bella Cache Wellness Center has been in business since 2010. We began in an office building, 3 room suite with about 500 sq ft. At the time, we were called ‘Anew Health and Wellness Center’, where we only offered weight loss and nutrition services.

In 2014, while still located inside of the same office building, we decided to expand our menu of services and offer wellness and beauty services. In 2014, we did just that, moved to a space double in size and named it “Bella Cache”, meaning “Beautiful Treasure”!

After 8 successful years of being hidden inside of an office building, working with over thousands of clients and starting our own brand of Bella Cache’ Wellness Supplements, Bella Cache’ is ready for the next level

Our team of health & wellness professionals brainstorm and work together to bring our clients “EVIDENCED BASED PRACTICE” services that work and generate “GUARANTEED” results if you follow our plan. Our team consist of Medical Physician, Certified Nurse Practitioner,

Licensed Registered Nurse, Medical Assistants and support staff.

Want to know about our products?

Our products come straight from our pharmacy, all Pharmaceutical Grade products made especially for Bella Cache’, not over the counter and cannot be found on your local online ordering sites. Just ask us, we test all products to ensure 100% Satisfaction prior to offering to our client(s). Your Weight loss goal is our #1 priority.

MD (301) 805-6805 | VA (703) 288-3130