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Barbara J. Brown, PhD

Capitol Hill Consortium for Counseling and Consultation

Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia

With a lifetime of professional experience and personal passion in the field of mental health, Dr. Barbara Brown founded Capitol Hill Consortium for Counseling and Consultation in 2009, and currently serves as the leader of CCCC’s five DC-area practices and more-than 80 clinicians and administrative staff. Out of the office, her work continues; Dr. Brown is a fixture in the community, and frequently dedicates her time to spreading mental health awareness to groups like churches, schools, and corporations.

As founder, Dr. Brown brings more than three decades of psychological experience to CCCC, LLC. With a passion for community, Dr. Brown leads a team that values diversity first and foremost, and the pursuit of ensuring that each client has an experience that allows them to live an elevated life.

Coming from a simple, but persistent desire to normalize caring for our minds, just as much as our bodies. Dr. Brown built this consortium with you, your neighbor, your family, your friends, and your community in mind.

“There is no health without mental health.” These words said by Dr. David Satcher, the first Black Surgeon General of the U.S., served as the spark that fueled her determination to provide accessible, quality mental health care to all, especially in communities of color.

The clinicians and administrative staff who choose to work here do so because of their dedication to our mission of providing high-quality, accessible, and culturally responsive mental health services. We strive to provide a community of therapists that reflects the communities where we work. We are a multicultural and multidisciplinary practice. Our wish is that everyone who wants to receive mental health care can do so.

MD (301) 805-6805 | VA (703) 288-3130