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Don’t Deny Your Loved One Comfort Because Of These Morphine Myths

In a previous article, we addressed two myths about morphine. Many people harbor these myths when they or a loved one become a hospice patient…. Continue Reading

Morphine Myths: Don’t Let Them Get In the Way Of a Better Death

We all have preconceived notions about morphine based on misinformation or fictionalized events portrayed by Hollywood. Many people harbor these myths about morphine when they… Continue Reading

Rachel Sherman, DNP, CRNP, FNP-BC

Deciding On CPR Options Before a Medical Crisis

If you have an advanced or life-limiting illness, you may have decided you don’t want to be resuscitated if your heart stops. But this wish… Continue Reading

Faith Fitzgerald, DMin

Hospice Chaplains Walk Into a Culture As Intimate Strangers

Knocking on the door of a patient’s home as a hospice chaplain is humbling. Behind that door are the deepest moments in the life of… Continue Reading

Monica Ferebee, RN, BSN, MSED, CHPN

COPD: When Is It Time To Choose Hospice Care?

Diseases related to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, make up the fourth highest cause of death in the United States. Yet less than 10%… Continue Reading

Elena Bolling, BSN, RN, CHPN

How the Hospice Honeymoon Helps Patients Leave Behind A Legacy

When people first become hospice patients, they often enter a stage where they can get better. Perhaps before they were confused or exceptionally weak. A… Continue Reading

Continuum Of Care Offers a Better Quality Of Life For Dementia Patients

According to some estimates, around 5.8 million people in the United States suffer from dementia-related diseases. An additional 5.6 million age 65 and older are… Continue Reading

Elena Bolling, BSN, RN, CHPN

Parkinson’s Disease: When It’s Time For Hospice Care

There is a lot of misunderstanding about Parkinson’s Disease. Many assume that it is immediately debilitating. Yet on average, this slowly progressive disease can take… Continue Reading

Ashley Kinnally, MSN, NP-C

Living With ALS

How Supportive Care Can Help People Take Control With all the difficulties that come with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, losing control of one’s body… Continue Reading

Take Charge Of Your Healthcare Decisions

Patients and their families guide physicians on the focus of care they want to live their best life. However, if a patient hasn’t discussed that… Continue Reading

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