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Rachel Sherman, DNP, CRNP, FNP-BC

Courageous Conversations Are a Gift to Those You Love

I talked with my grandmother all the time. We were very close, so even when I was going to school eight hours away from home… Continue Reading

Rachel Sherman, DNP, CRNP, FNP-BC

Improving Access For Blacks To Hospice and Supportive Care

There is a startling statistic reported by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization in 2020. Of the 1.55 million Medicare beneficiaries who received hospice… Continue Reading

Elizabeth Schuman, Senior Donor Relations Manager

What Our Chief Medical Officer Wants You To Know About Hospice

At its core, hospice isn’t as much about endings as it is about living, said Chief Medical Officer Dr. Marny Fetzer. Admittedly, choosing hospice is… Continue Reading

Faith Fitzgerald, DMin, BCC, Director of Community Health Programs

Spiritual Care: What To Expect When The Hospice Chaplain Visits

While some people are religious, all people are spiritual. All people have things that bring us meaning and purpose. All people seek a path to… Continue Reading

How Love Led The Modern Hospice Movement

A bad back and the love for David Tasma may well be the reasons behind how contemporary medicine cares for people at their end of… Continue Reading

Dana Neel, RN, Clinical Manager

3 Special Things About Hospice Nurses

As with any medical profession, there are many different types of nurses – surgical, medical office, emergency department, pediatric– the list goes on and on…. Continue Reading

Hospice And Supportive Care: An Additional Layer Of Support For Residents Of Assisted Living Centers

When a member of your family lives in an assisted living center, you feel safe knowing they have help with their day-to-day life. Someone’s there… Continue Reading

Elena Bolling, BSN, RN, CHPN, Rapid Response RN

How the Hospice Honeymoon Helps Patients Leave Behind A Legacy

When people first become hospice patients, they often enter a stage where they can get better. Perhaps before they were confused or exceptionally weak. A… Continue Reading

Volunteers Are Vital Members Of The Hospice Clinical Team

There once was a hospice patient who had a difficult past. It’s reflected in how she treated her family. When she wasn’t harsh towards them,… Continue Reading

Three Ways Nonprofit Hospices Help Military Veterans

When a person chooses to become a hospice patient, the first thing the care team does is get to know the patient and their family…. Continue Reading

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