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Should I See an Allergist?

For many people, allergies are bad enough that they wonder if they should see an allergist. An allergist diagnoses, treats, and manages allergy-related conditions, like… Continue Reading

Dust Allergies

Substances that cause allergic reactions are called allergens. An allergic reaction is the body's response to a substance that many people can tolerate without difficulty…. Continue Reading

What Is Anaphylaxis and Am I At Risk?

Anaphylaxis is an allergic emergency. It is a rapid, severe allergic reaction that occurs when a person is exposed to an allergen (an allergy-causing substance)…. Continue Reading

Ask an Allergist Questions and Answers About Allergies, Colds and the Flu

What are the differences between the flu, the common cold, and allergies? Viruses cause the flu and common cold resulting in common symptomsassociated with a… Continue Reading

12 Things You Should Know About Allergies

1. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Maternal allergies increase the risk of allergies in a child to 37%. Significant allergies in… Continue Reading

Holiday Food Allergies

Do you look forward to the holiday season with its bountiful buffets and delectable desserts? Unfortunately, the holidays can prove to be troublesome for people… Continue Reading

Asthma Not a Word To Be Afraid Of Anymore

Almost everyone has heard the word asthma because asthma is actually very common. It affects more than 22 million people in the United States, including… Continue Reading

Chronic Congestion

Most of us do not like to get the sinus congestion and drainage associated with the common cold. Imagine what it would be like to… Continue Reading

Shielding Your Skin From Eczema

What Is Eczema? We all know or have heard the word eczema. Some may have eczema or have loved ones who suffer from this disorder…. Continue Reading


Do you get heartburn after eating your favorite foods? Does it wake you up at night? You are not alone. People have been suffering from… Continue Reading

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